Luis Zapata

Wealth Advisor


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Luis Zapata has been serving and assisting Southern California families with all of their retirement and insurance needs since 1993. He strives to be a valuable advisor to each client by introducing them to new concepts, strategies and products utilizing his years of expertise in the financial arena and abundant amount of resources that are always at the ready. As an independent agent representing a vast number of companies, Luis gives careful consideration to a client’s financial needs, wants and goals with the core objective to preserve, protect, guarantee and grow their wealth and future income.

Luis takes a simple, but very unique approach in arriving at his recommendations by first focusing on all the areas a client might be losing money unknowingly and unnecessarily and fortifying their financial house and then selecting those companies and products with the best fit for their financial objective. His vision is to provide you with the clarity, balance and confidence to optimize your assets and put the path to your financial freedom in focus.

"I really believe that my ability to take concepts and put them into understandable, effective strategies for my clients is my greatest benefit."

Luis Zapata
Wealth Advisor

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Personal Wealth Coach

For the last 10 years, Kevin has coached over 3,000 financial professionals on how to implement proven wealth strategies for their clients. He’s developed close to 2,500 strategies for individuals and families with a focus on increasing their personal wealth. And over $100.3 million dollars have been put into those accounts.


Personal Wealth Coach

Jordan has been in the financial industry for over 10 years and has coached over 2,000 financial professionals nationwide on proven wealth strategies. He currently serves as a personal consultant for four of the top financial advisors in the entire country; advising them on what strategies need to be implemented that are in the best interest of their clients. Over $90 million have been put into these wealth accounts.


Advanced Markets Strategist

Working with over 1,500 financial advisors, Brian develops and recommends financial strategies that are in the best interest of their clients. With a specialty in advanced markets and wealth-building, he analyzes the needs and goals of individuals and families and provides easy-to-understand, vibrant illustrations of where they currently are versus where they can be if implemented correctly.